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What You Need To Know About ACAT Assessments In Sydney

If you are an Australian resident and getting to the age where aged care is becoming a more and more viable option, then you will eventually encounter ACAT assessments in Sydney. These procedures serve the purpose of helping people to get the aged care services they need. It involves a set of different tests which are carried out in order to assess the condition of senior residents in Australia. The point of ACAT assesments in Sydney is to find out what type of aged care services the resident may be eligible for in the future. The team that performs this procedure is made of different professionals, including nurses, mental health specialists and other professionals involved in general practice. They will work together to determine the different needs of patients, including physical, social, medical, psychological and cultural aspects. They will then use this information in order to recommend an aged care package that is appropriate for the patient.

Here is what you need to know about ACAT assessments in Sydney.

What services can this procedure recommend?

Old woman getting ACAT assesments in Sydney

ACAT assessments can recommend a variety of different treatments, depending on the needs of the patient and other things that are found out through the procedure.

They can usually recommend four different services:

Home care packages

Usually, the first recommendation that comes from ACAT assessments in Sydney is to use Australian home care services. These services are done when the residents stay in their own homes and receive care. This is the most recommended options as it means the patients will be able to stay in their homes longer, which is an environment they feel comfortable in while still receiving the care that they need. Home care providers are able to offer a range of different services, including care to do with dementia and palliative care. These packages are usually cheaper than other options, and are some of the most in-demand and appealing options for senior residents.

Residential aged care services

ACAT assessments in Sydney will sometimes recommend residential aged care services. In this option, senior residents will move out of their own homes and into an aged care facility where they can live with other residents. They will have their own room and share facilities with others. Medical and care staff will be available to the residents 24 hours of the day, and they will be in safe hands there. Because there are many other services available within this option, this is usually a more expensive choice that comes out of ACAT assessments in Sydney.

Transition care

ACAT assessments in Sydney can result in a transition care option. This involves helping senior residents to transition back to living at home after having been at the hospital. It usually takes place at home or in-hospital care, and they will receive the services that they will have access to in their new environment. The point of transition care is to help create continuity as a senior resident changes environments, which can happen quite often.

What can be asked during the ACAT assessments in Sydney?

A number of different questions can be asked during ACAT assessments in Sydney. These will include questions that help the professionals to understand your current situation. These questions might include if there are any safety issues around the home, if the patient has issues managing activities around the home, whether or not they receive any form of support and what health concerns that they may have.

This is everything you need to know about ACAT assessments in Sydney. Reading this will help you to understand further about ACAT assessments in Sydney, and what you may need to expect.