Should You Hire Or Buy Scaffold Equipment?

Whilst some companies will have regular need for scaffold equipment and find it more cost-effective to buy it, many are better off hiring their equipment. If you’re planning a project that requires scaffold equipment, then you might be wondering what the right option is for you and your particular needs. There are two main factors that you should think about when weighing up your decision; firstly, how long will your project take and how much flexibility do you need? And secondly, how much will you use any scaffold equipment that you purchase and will it be used enough to justify the investment?

Considering your options required balancing a number of different pros and cons and is about deciding which approach has the most benefits for your business.

In general, if the cost of hiring scaffold equipment is close to or more than the cost of buying it then you’re better or purchasing it but in many cases hiring is a lot cheaper and can be a simpler, more practical and far more efficient approach. Here are a few reasons why:


Reliability and safety

When using scaffold equipment for a project or job, safety matters. Training people to install and properly maintain safety on equipment can be costly and time consuming which is why many companies favour hiring equipment for professional installation by qualified contractors.

A lot of companies recognise the benefits of hiring when it comes to safety, as it means a third party is responsible for ensuring that equipment is reliable and safe. Owning equipment means that companies take on a far greater level or risk and responsibility which can be a serious liability for many companies. Hiring scaffold contractors to deliver, erect and maintain equipment means that safety standards are more easily maintained and the burden of handling the equipment is not on the company. In Australia, strict safety standards are in place so involving a third-party means companies are free to focus more on their core functions rather than the compliance of their equipment.


Experience and flexibility

Two men working while on scaffolding.

Professional third-party hire companies that supply scaffold equipment bring with them a wealth of experience in installation, dismantling and maintaining equipment. They have all the skills and qualifications required for almost any project which saves companies a lot of time and cost in the training of their staff as relevant qualifications are required to comply with Australian safety standards. Hiring professional service providers means that your workers can focus on completing project work whilst the scaffold system is set up according to schedule and maintained by a contractor.

Hiring also offers you the flexibility and scalability to get the equipment you need without a huge cost outlay. If you don’t perform many projects where the equipment is required then it’s not worth the investment to purchase your own equipment, however if you regularly perform work that calls for scaffoldings then it might be worth it to consider if it would be more cost-effective to purchase the equipment. Hiring equipment gives you the flexibility to get the equipment you need without the need to regularly use it to justify the cost.

A greater level of support

Construction equipment can be complicated and the setup and maintenance of equipment requires a high degree of skill and expertise. Because it is high-risk equipment which is heavily regulated by safety standards, it’s best to seek the expertise of a contractor who deals with it every day. Hiring equipment will ensure that safety standards are maintained and that there is no compliance issues or problems that may cause your company headaches.