Are Vintage Leather Lounges Worth It?

Are you looking for new seating for your home? They can be a big investment so you’re no doubt weighing the pros and cons of your decision before purchasing one. There are many people who love them whilst others loathe them. It’s important to make sure you take the time to think through your decision to purchase. Before you go shopping here are a few pros and cons you should weight up before buying new seating for your home.


Advantages of vintage leather lounges


One of the great advantages of vintage leather lounges is that they are highly durable and can last for an incredibly long time – in many cases, they will last a lifetime and you can expect them to last much, much longer than faux leather lounges would.

Easy maintenance

Another great advantage of vintage leather lounges is how easy they are to maintain. Many people assume that they require a lot of time and effort to stay in tip-top condition when in actual fact they’re much lower maintenance than most upholstered sofas. With vintage leather lounges there is no need to wash the fabric or get it dry-cleaned every few months, instead, you can generally keep your couch clean by wiping it down with some soapy water. For the shiny, new look on your couch give it a once over with specialty cleaners and creams for a spruce up. If you’ve got crumbs in the crevices of your seats, simply go over it with a vacuum.

black leather lounge

Many people love vintage leather lounges because they hold up so well to punish. Marks from pets and kids can be easily managed with polish and you won’t experience the fraying that you might have issues with on upholstered sofas. They’re a popular option for households with kids because they can easily be sprayed down and cleaned. Darker colors are particularly resistant to staining but generally, you’ll find you have much less trouble with staining than you would with an upholstered sofa. Another great plus is that pet hair is usually easily removed and they don’t absorb odors in the way that upholstered sofas often do.


Disadvantages of vintage leather lounges

The biggest thing that puts many people off purchasing one is the upfront cost. Premium materials and designs can get very costly, although they are usually a great investment as they last for a very long time. Some people are also put off by the ‘feel’ of them, preferring the cushioning of upholstered styles and the forgiving nature of upholstered cushions. A lot of people feel that non-upholstered couches can be too cold in the winter and too sweaty in the summer so prefer to steer clear. If you live in an area where the climate is fairly consistent year-round and not too extreme, then you may want to consider purchasing one.

It’s very important to note that not all vintage leather lounges were created equal. Some grains or lower-quality materials will stain and scuff more easily, whilst others will age beautifully. If you’re not sure, make sure you get an experts opinion.


Should you choose a faux product?

Faux products can be much cheaper in price than the real thing and can be great for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

Faux materials tend to be less durable than the real thing and will not last as long. Over time you might experience some warping, cracking and peeling of the material. If you like the style but don’t plan to keep the couch forever than this can be a great option to choose, but if you don’t mind the investment then the real thing might be the way to go.