Do You Need A Family Lawyer?

Are you wondering if you need a family lawyer with free consultation? If you’re going through a divorce, dealing with child custody issues, or in the middle of a dispute about finances or other issues related to your ex-spouse, kids, grandparents, parents, or siblings then the question of whether you need a family lawyer is certainly a valid one. If you’ve stopped to wonder about it then the answer is probably yes. Although employing a legal practitioner to work on your behalf can be costly, it often pays off and can make legal issues much easier to deal with.

Decisions relating to the familial unit are some of the most important you’ll make in your life so there is in fact probably no area where it is more important to get good legal advice. Divorce, child custody agreements and other issues that your family lawyer may advise you on can be life-changing so if you’re facing any legal questions that might be relevant to anyone you’re related to then it’s a good idea to get a family lawyer with free consultation.

At the end of the day making informed decisions around relationships and things like marriage or children is vital.

Here are a few of the things you should seek advice from your family lawyer about:


Moving with kids after a separation

If you or your ex-partner is thinking about relocating with kids after a separation or divorce, then it’s crucial that you consult with a family lawyer. Relocating can have a big impact on how often people are able to gain access to kids and can limit people’s ability to spend quality time with their children so relocating can understandably become a contentious issue. If a parent wants to move away, then a court may need to decide whether can or not to think about whether the parent should be allowed to move away with the children. If a parent decides to move away without permission from the court, they’re at risk of being ordered to move back. A lot of parents will delay seeking legal advice because they do not understand their rights. When it comes to a parent’s ability to spend time with their children it’s key that proper advice is obtained.


Financial agreements

ex couple reaching a final agreement in front of some family lawyers

If you are separating from your partner then it is a good idea to seek legal advice, even if you agree on the way that you want to split your assets and finances. A family lawyer will help you to put formal consent orders in place so that everything is laid out unambiguously and there is no potential for both parties to end up in court disputing the agreements that were reached. If ex-partners are unable to come to amicable agreements about how assets should be split then a legal practitioner can offer advice and help to ensure that assets and finances are fairly distributed. They

De facto relationships

People in de facto relationships can also benefit from legal advice when undergoing a separation. De facto relationships carry a number of legal rights, although a lot of people don’t understand what their rights are. Legal advice can help to ensure that people do not miss out on the assets that they have rights to and that their interests are protected.


Child custody

When it comes to reaching agreements about the care arrangements of children following a divorce, reaching an agreement in court is a must and proper legal advice can be very helpful. Legal advice is very important especially if domestic violence or other serious concerns are an issue and safety is a concern.